Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Matusiewicz Family Update

First Amendment rights (and protections) scrapped / Delaware Shootings

Why were three members of the Matusiewicz family indicted and arrested by Federal Authorities on August 8, 2013.  Is it an effort to protect Delaware Attorney General, Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden?

We believe the reason is that this case will destroy the future political career of Beau Biden unless the entire Matusiewicz family can be discredited.  If the Matusiewicz family story is ever properly investigated by the State of Delaware or by the FBI, it will reveal that they are being used as pawns for Biden’s political ambitions. Again, it was overheard in the Federal Building, The prosecution of these white people will please the public.”

If there is doubt in anyone’s mind, this current development demonstrates that the current US Government administration sees the United States Constitution as an outdated relic to be ignored in its pursuit of ever greater political power over the American people.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

On February 11, 2013, Thomas Matusiewicz, a distraught Father and Grandfather went into a Courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware and shot to death his son’s ex-wife and a friend and then killed himself.

Yesterday, August 8, 2013, Federal Authorities indicted three surviving members of the Matusiewicz family each with 25 counts of “cyber-stalking” of the late ex-wife.  Just what is cyber-stalking”?  We’ve all heard of “cyber-bullying” which is self-explanatory, but “cyber-stalking”?  Are you guilty of doing the same thing?

Have you looked at anyone’s Facebook lately or checked someone’s profile on “LinkedIn”?  Are you about to be arrested? 

Well, perhaps these people are career criminals, serial killers or terrorists.  Just who are they?  David Matusiewicz is, or was, an Optometrist who built a strong practice and donated liberally to charities like the Special Olympics.  He was and remains the loving Father of three little girls who are now lost in the State of Delaware’s Foster Care system.  His sister, Amy Gonzalez is a long-time nurse, care-giver and Mother.  Lenore Matusiewicz is the widow of Thomas and Mother of David and Amy, grandmother to the three little girls.  She spent most of her adult life as a teacher and care-giver to ladies with learning disabilities.  Until February, she was retired and living a quiet life on a small farm in Southern Texas.

While David and his ex-wife were married, these family members and Thomas all experienced a variety of strange interactions with his ex-wife including personal threats and unusual treatment of the three girls.   These situations and events were intermingled with “sweet-as pie” behavior.  At the time, the ex-wife was taking a variety of medications for emotional problems including depression.  When the couple was divorced the family tried to bring these issues to the attention of the Family Court, only to have their concerns quashed by the attorneys in the interest of simplifying the divorce and custody proceedings. They then brought their concerns to the attention of the appropriate State Agency, charged with the investigation of such allegations.  That agency did nothing despite its responsibilities to the children.  Faced with threats against the girls, David decided to take the girls and flee to Central America.  His Mother accompanied them thinking it would not be possible for a single male to take proper care of three small girls.  Eventually, they were found and arrested, David for paternal kidnapping and Lenore for endangerment.  While most family members who are convicted on such charges have been fined or received brief prison sentences, David was sentenced to several years in prison.  At the reported prompting of his ex-wife, his Optometric license was revoked and he is unable to pursue his profession.  David was released on probation early in 2012.

Despite his inability to work as an optometrist, his ex-wife was demanding child support payments as if he still maintained his practice.  Attempts at mediation failed, resulting in David being ordered to appear in the Delaware Court on February 11, 2013 for a hearing on the child support issue.  Because he could not fly and rent a car, his parents drove with him to Delaware, leading to Thomas’ fateful encounter with the ex-wife in the Courthouse Lobby.

After the shooting, David was held in custody, advised that he was being held as a witness.  He was apparently placed on a suicide watch.  Later charges were brought against him because he had prudently chosen to spend the night before the hearing at a location near the Courthouse, due to predictions of a snowstorm the next morning, rather than at an approved location at least three hours away.  Ultimately, he was charged with a violation of his parole because the Court believed he had to have known about his Father keeping weapons at the residence that had been approved by his probation officer.  He was ordered imprisoned for an additional six months.  He was to be released on August 12, 2013.

Instead, David, his sister and Mother are all under arrest for “cyber-stalking” his ex-wife.  Faced with the refusal of Delaware’s authorities to properly investigate their concerns about the safety of the three little girls, David, Lenore and Amy made their pleas public via the internet, seeking understanding and assistance in their efforts to find protection for the girls.  Because the Delaware Authorities refused to investigate their concerns, they have been labeled in the indictments as false accusations.  The fact that the authorities wrote those allegations off as typical divorce/custody issues does not make them false.  The reality is that only the people in David’s home know what went on and only they can tell us about their experiences.  They chose to do this on the internet in the hope that someone would read their plea and give them some kind of assistance or guidance.

The fact is that the Delaware Authorities failed to properly investigate this family’s concerns despite their mandated obligation to do so.  As a result, three people are dead by violence and three young girls are lost in foster care. Now the Federal Authorities are indicting the family members for telling their side of the story on the internet.  They couch their charges as attacks on David’s ex-wife, but in reality they are trying to punish the family members for publicly revealing the negligence and incompetence of the Delaware authorities and Courts.

·       Something more sinister may be behind the arrest of this entire family.  While M’Linda Kula was waiting in the reception area of the office of the Federal Public Defender, District of Delaware, she witnessed a gentleman enter that area.  He then entered the office space and was overheard to say, “The prosecution of these white people will please the public.”  !!!!!! The authorities have stripped the entire family of all their rights to free speech,  they have hijacked the (3) children and they have jailed the grandmother (Lenore), her daughter, Amy and the father, Dr. DAVID.  One member of this group stated that David would never see his children again! 

We have all heard of “cyber-bullying” and there is no doubt that it goes on, particularly among the media-savvy youth of today.  But Lenore and Amy’s use of the internet was nothing of this sort.  It was a plea for understanding and assistance in their efforts to protect those three little girls.  Putting the facts in front of anyone and everyone that may be interested has proven effective before.  The reporting of government abuses via the internet is credited with the creation of the “Arab Spring”.  Totalitarian regimes around the world have sought to repress the use of the internet to disclose their abuses.  In China, people have been arrested, tortured and killed, and the internet periodically shut down to prevent the release of real information to the outside world.  Now apparently the Government of the United States is willing to follow the same course of action.  This is supposed to be the “free-est” country in the world.  How free are we when we can’t tell what we know just because it points a critical finger at our public authorities?

Think about it.  An American citizen is currently being protected by Russian Authorities against an American Government angered by his revealing to the world that the United States spies on its own citizens.  Excuse me but which side of the old “Iron Curtain” have we been living on?

Face it, this government has repeatedly attacked the United States Constitution and the rights it protects.  Direct attacks garner bad publicity and political outrage, but they have learned that they can accomplish their goals through the Courts, gradually changing the interpretation of the law behind closed doors and with only a few attorneys being the wiser.  Yes, we are on a slippery slope and maybe on the way to losing another of our cherished freedoms.   On this slope, do you stand among the guilty?  Do you even know?

The facts about the Matusiewicz family are available on Jonbenetstruecasehistory.com under the tab, “A Grandmother’s Impossible Choice”.  There is also a three part Youtube video available under Delaware Courthouse Shooting/Mr. Douglas Millar CEO Unite4J.

If this attempt to revoke the Matusiewicz family’s right to free speech offends you, please send any donation you can afford to Mr. Douglas Millar on behalf of the Matusiewicz family.  If these good and upstanding people can lose their right of free speech for the sake of political grandstanding, then we are all at risk of losing our Constitutional Rights (and protections).