Saturday, April 20, 2013


Secretary of State, John Kerry, in his April 19, 2013 "Remarks on the Release of the Human Rights Report" stated;
But I want to be clear. While these reports support our engagement with governments, activists, and advocates, they’re only a small fraction of what we do on this issue. They’re just one tool to try to shed light and create accountability and, hopefully, move people in the right direction and move our policy forward. They support the efforts, every single day, of our diplomats and our development experts. And they show brave citizens around the world and those who would abuse them that America is watching.

So, let's be clear about who is "watching" and what is being done with these "Human Rights Reports" by "diplomats and ... development experts" of the State of Delaware, a "private company".  
Who is it that has "accountability"? 
What is the "right direction" for "policy" to move forward? 
In what way are "legal fictions", i.e., "corporate persons" (and their hirelings), being held accountable for abuse?

In her e-mail (below), Lenore Matusiewicz contacted "Ms. Lewis", an (apparent) entity who answers for Beau Biden, the "Attorney General" of the fictional person of the State of Delaware, Incorporated 1787, and (after reminding Ms. Lewis of her previous attempts to bring attention to abuses) asked:
Is that what you would want for your children/grand-children/great-grand-children?
If Ms. Lawson didn't do what she said she was going to do...maybe you should!
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From: ""
Cc . . .
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 15:27:27 GMT
Dear Ms. Lewis,
Kimberly Lawson, the lawyer ad lidem for my grand-daughters during the hearing in Judge Barbara Crowell's courtroom where Judge Crowell revoked David's parental rights, said that she would investigate my allegations of child abuse; and I gave her a list of people I'd spoken to about what I had witnessed between 2006 and 2007. Did she even bother to call any of the people on the list I gave her before deciding that I had "made up the story to cover the kidnapping"?

I am not sure which names I gave her but I think these are among them:
Peggy Xxxx who worked for Sam Xxxx from Alliance Financial Co. (Possibly 22 Polly Drummond Hill Road) next door to Papastavros Imaging on Polly Drummond Hill Road in Newark, DE
David Xxxx (xxx-xxx-xxxx) who worked for David, my son, at the Vision Center of Delaware. Dave Xxxx had made a phone call to Newark Police on January 2, 2006, after Dr. David was lead out of his office in hand-cuffs for his mental evaluation by Dr. Cuba.
Dr. Xxxx Xxxx, my primary care physician who worked at Limestone Medical and Pediatrics Association at 4512 Kirkwood Hwy., Wilmington, DE 19808 (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Walter ("Doc") and Roz Xxxx (sp.? Xxxx) who lived next door to me (I lived at 5029 Wheatleys Pond Road and they lived to my right as you look at my house from Wheatleys Pond Road.) but they have since moved.
LouAnn Xxxx who worked for The Vision Center of Delaware for my son for a while and witnessed some of Christine's behavior first-hand (xxx-xxx-xxxx).
I am not sure that this is the complete list...I'm sure I should have included family
Nancy Xxxx, my cousin and god-daughter (
Gloria Xxxx, my sister (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
M'Linda and Tom Xxxx, my sister and brother
Oh, and you should know that in a letter from Jeff Pelly (sp.?), Delaware Family Services contact, he said that DFS could not do anything to help my grand-children unless/until the child complained...what about all of those children molested by their pediatrician...Did all of them have to complain???... or did some adult blow the whistle?
So many mistakes have been made in our case(s) including mine. I've paid for mine. David loved his wife and his children and has paid for his...BUT most of all my grand-children are paying for all the rest!  Is that what you would want for your children/grand-children/great-grand-children?
If Ms. Lawson didn't do what she said she was going to do...maybe you should!
Lenore "Lee" matusiewicz
P.O. Box x, Xxxx, TX 78xxx
Cell: 956-xxx-xxxx