Tuesday, April 23, 2013

UNITE FOR JUSTICE: Matusiewicz Update

Mr. Douglas Millar, Founder AND CEO
M'linda D. Kula - Nat'l Coordinator/Investigative Reporter/NJ Advocate
Lenore Matusiewicz - Texas Advocate
April 22, 2013

Police, prosecutors and even news personnel have been fabricating lies against our family:

1.  M'linda Kula, my sister-in-law, did overhear the statement, " DISCRIMINATION HASN'T CHANGED MUCH. IT'S STILL GOING ON. THE PROSECUTION OF THESE WHITE PEOPLE WILL LOOK GOOD TO THE PUBLIC" while she was in the Federal Court Building.

2.   Prior to the shootings, David had gone through the security section of the courthouse, ridden up the elevator to the floor he needed and was guided to a room near where his hearing was to take place. Later, the tragedy took place in the foyer of the courthouse. Guards told him what had happened downstairs in the entrance to the courthouse and that he was being detained as a witness.

How could Dr. David Matusiewicz be a witness? Later, Dr. David was told he was being arrested because he had violated his probation by not calling his probation officer on Sunday when the probation office was closed to ask for permission to stay closer to the courthouse because a storm had been predicted. One of David's court appointed attorneys said, "If this were not such a high profile case, David would not have been arrested."

3.   On the date of the tragedy, February 11, 2013, I was taken from Elkton, MD, to the Bear, Delaware State Police Station to be questioned as a witness. I wasn't even in Delaware, let alone the courthouse! How could I be a witness? Questioning was brutal!!!

4.  We believe that the District Attorney, the police and the prosecutors in Delaware are trying to fabricate a case against our whole family including David, my daughter and me, my brother, his wife and their children and even my 91-year-old mother who was in New Jersey. Why do we believe this?

   A.  Because of the line of questioning employed by police detectives and investigators throughout this ordeal

   B.  Because of reports in the news media planted to make Dr. David and me, his mother look guilty by association

   C.  Because four Delaware detectives in four different unmarked cars (with no license plates on their fronts but Delaware plates in the rear and darkly tinted windows illegal in NJ) tried to intimidate my 18-year-old niece (who had been driving a very short time) by following us from Bayville, NJ, to Manahawkin, NJ, and back and tail-gating me when we visited my mother. (Only one un-marked car followed my 23-year-old nephew and only one followed my brother!) When we went to the Bayville Police with our concerns, the representative said that they had been informed that my family was/is under surveillance but having so many police following a young girl is not something NJ police would do. It would put her in harm's way!

Is one reason for the persecution of Dr. David Matusiewicz and his family due to the January 11, 2013, article, "Biden, NRA Clash Over Gun Control" as printed in the Asbury Park Press, Ocean Edition? The article reported Vice-President Joseph Biden's (DelawareAttorney General Beau Biden's father's) stand on guns. Thomas Matusiewicz was a life-long member of the NRA and a staunch supporter of the Constitution of the United States ... the whole Constitution!

The FBI tests their agents with polygraph tests and the CIA tests their agents with sodium pentothol. To prove our innocence, my family and I are willing to do the same.

AGAIN, Please, go to www.jonbenetstruecasehistory.com/ "A Grandmother's Impossible Choice", tab as well as YouTube/Douglas Millar, Crusade Radio for the rest of the story!


First, please, go to WWW.JONBENETSTRUECASEHISTORY.COM/ "A Grandmother's Impossible Choice" tab. After reading what would have been my testimony, click on the 'Unite For Justice' tab at the top of the home page for the U4J mission statement with a partial list of our more than 80 co-founders in over 28 states.
Second, view our videos on YouTube/Douglas Millar, Crusade Radio
Contained in this news release is the most current information.

Following the hearing tomorrow concerning Dr. David Matusiewicz, the sacrificial lamb,and our meeting with Mr. Randal Chase of the Associated Press, we will hold a news conference.We will be handing out copies of the letter from Dr. Barolat describing my husband's, Thomas Matusiewicz's, meningioma. We will also give out copies of the autopsy report done by Dr. Richard Callery, M.E., in Wilmington, DE, confirming the existence of that tumor and how it has enlarged. We have been told by one of the top 30 medical doctors in the nation (as identified by the National Institute of Health) that the meningioma probably changed Tom's perspective from happiness to rage causing the shootings.
Lenore "Lee" Matusiewicz
phone: 956-532-2384