Monday, June 1, 2015

Court Watcher David Schied's Update

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please click on the link below for the latest, and most important to date, of my RICO Busters videos. It is the best I've done by way of production quality  and conciseness of content, given the breadth of time being referenced. It shows the "smoking guns" against both local (Wayne County) corruption, and corruption at the State level, demonstrating how crimes at the local government level are being covered up, aided-and-abetted by the office of the Michigan Attorney General(s) Bill Schuette (and Mike Cox).

The video begins with my recent (May 2015) request for 5 minutes before a Judicial Committee of the Michigan Legislature on my statements against a bill proposed by the senate for people convicted of "contempt of court" to be also required to pay for their own prosecution and incarceration. My position was that the bill took no consideration for the "conduct" of the judge or the conditions under which "convictions" are levied (or in the recent case of a "chief" judge's son, a state senator, being arrested AGAIN for a felony offense the likelihood of a "conviction", might never be "convicted").

The video addresses the legislative committee "chair's" open impatience and contempt for me as I attempted to deliver unrehearsed testimony about a tyrannical personal experience in my life leading summarily to a "conviction," for which the senate bill before the House would  cause me to also be liable for the "conduct" of the judge leading to my being kidnapped and subject to a 30-day false imprisonment in 2012 without bond or any form of due process.

The video then supposes what might have been said - and indeed WILL make up for what was denied to me for being said by that committee chair -  in providing much more insight about the character of the judge and those under employ of the Michigan attorney general, that not only provides confidence to local government that they can continue to get away with racketeering and corruption, but provides We The People with the "smoking gun" of the Michigan Attorney General's and the Michigan Supreme Court's "pattern and practice" that clearly shows that the "first shot" was shot long ago, giving reason for "reactionaries" like me to consider myself to already be in a war with a "foreign government" on American soil.    

Please watch the video in its entirety (and access my 2015-05-21 District Court filing Prima Facea Filing). Just when you think you've seen enough, I present even more damning evidence against the criminal perpetrators. This is not circumstantial evidence, but direct evidence of assault in the form of racketeering and treason against not only me but others as well. I am sure you will agree and want to help me to make this video go viral. Your feedback to me will also be appreciated. Thank you. I'll hope to see you all on the battlefield.

David Schied