Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lenore Matusiewicz Updates the Court of Public Opinion

Lenore Matusiewicz visited her son, David, in a Delaware prison on April 15, 2013.  She submitted the following update to the initial post in the Court of Public Opinion; The extended family of the Matusiewicz children, and their dad, David.

 . . .

I saw David in Howard R. Young Correctional Institute on Monday. The account he gave of February 11, 2013, made me ill all over again!!! He was through security and upstairs in an anteroom preparing his paperwork for his hearing with (I think) Judge DeSales Haley when the guards came in and told him that his father shot his ex-wife, Christine Belford and her friend, Laura Mulford...and then shot himself. David had wanted to talk to Christine to see if she would tell him anything...anything at all about their children....and to see if she would allow him to visit them.

David was not allowed to get anywhere near his father, Tom. Then, David was taken away as a "witness". The police took his papers and his wallet and either $1400 or $1500 he had for return travelling expenses, child support and restitution and any fines the court would/could decide to levy. Then he was stripped naked, put in a turtle suit (a quilted sack-like garment used in prisons for those who are considered suicidal) and put in solitary confinement. I don't know how long he was kept least a month! The authorities (Ann Downy, from the prison administration, I believe it was) told me that he was in protective custody as a witness. IF THE POLICE HAD TO TELL HIM WHAT HAD HAPPENED AT LEAST ONE FLOOR OR MORE BELOW, HOW COULD DAVID BE A WITNESS? NO WONDER POLICE, LAWYERS, GUARDS ,ETC. THINK OTHER PEOPLE LIE... SOME POLICE, GUARDS, LAWYERS, ETC. DO IT ALL THE TIME!!!!

David said someone slid a sack full of feces into his cell with Christine Belford's obituary attached to it! How? Why? He was finally put into general a prisoner for not making a phone call to his probation officer in Texas to ask for permission to stay overnight somewhere close to the courthouse due to reports of a storm on Sunday when the probation office is closed!

Then, police got a search warrant for our house in Texas. (Texas probation officers did not come out to our house in October to inspect it when David moved in!...and still have not!) The police found guns (2?) locked up in Tom's safe. They found one or two locked up in Tom's camper. They found another one or 2 locked up in a shed. They found all kinds of keys and all kinds of paper work. They found the book "Kill All The Lawyers" that Bob Bertrand had sent me from Florida ...but not the 6 or 7 bibles (including one in Spanish) or all of the religous pamphlets, etc They found 39 silver bars..Then, they went to Tom's storage facility and found a whole cache of guns. They took all of it "as evidence"!!

Tom was a gun collector. Why? His father taught him to shoot when Tom was a child. The Navy taught him to shoot when he was in the service. The police taught him to shoot when he was in the police department.Tom told me that a gun he had purchased about a year or so ago for approximately $100.00 is now selling for $400.00. You don't get that kind of return on anything...not stocks, not bonds, not gold, not silver, not land...nothing! Of course, guns are not an IRS approved retirement fund. When Tom cashed in his IRAs in 2007, he was not only fined(?) about $40,000 and was told he had to pay an additional (approximately) $40,000.00 for taking out his own retirement money to use after he retired.The IRS has put a lien against our property but won't collect on it right now ...they're only going to add a percentage each month until what we owe them is worth more than our property...then, they can take our property! Tom had promised me that he had taken all of his guns to the storage building.

With his meningioma, Tom may have forgotten he still had some guns on our property when David moved in. Tom'd forget that he'd cooked himself breakfast at 4:00 a.m.and eaten it, would cook and eat breakfast again at 6:00 and then again at 10:00. He got lost in a Walmart parking lot ...and he'd been a Boy Scout! I don't know how many guns Tom had or what kind! I didn't know the guns were there. When we first moved back to Texas, I think Tom gave me the combination to his safe...but I have no idea where it walkd off to. I didn' have the keys to the motor home or the shed. Were they in my house or did the police get them from Amy? I thought Tom's weapons were in the storage facility and I didn't know where that was! HOW COULD DAVID KNOW OR HAVE ACCESS TO THEM?

Now, David's Federal Public Defender "lawyers" have sent a letter to the judge in David's case (Alford plea) stating that he does not admit that he has done anything wrong but he will not fight the decision of the court. Have his lawyers (like those he had for his trial for kidnapping) threatened that some evidence against others in his family has been uncovered and we will be prosecuted so (as Medrano and Malik said "fall on your sword" to lessen her sentence) is he being tricked into "protecting" us again? They keep telling family not to say anything just as they did in the last case. NOT AGAIN!!!!!


Lenore "Lee" Matusiewicz (Leigh and Tatiana Lee were both named in my honor.)
address: P.O. Box x, Xxxxxxxx, TX 78xxx