Thursday, September 22, 2016

Entire 16 Months of UNREBUTTED AFFIDAVITS and TREASON EVIDENCE against state and federal "actors" is SUMMARILY DISMISSED under color of law

Howdy Ya'll:

Again I say, "When given any opportunity to do the wrong thing, these members of the State BAR of Michigan, will commit treason each time." This recent dismissal of my entire case - as well as the 14 "joinder" cases filed against the $100 BILLION insurance policy that Wayne County had with AIG insurance conglomerate - was dismissed in its entirety....summarily, and without "litigation of the merits" of my filings or UNREBUTTED AFFIDAVITS.

Note that this was done in trickery, in that I have evidence that my CRIME REPORTS arrived to the federal "court" PRIOR TO the "court order", which was digitally signed by the 92-year old "judge" Avern Cohn last Monday 9/12/16....and that my "official CRIME REPORTS" were held off on time-stamping until Tuesday.

The links to these documents for download are below; while the attachment contains both also for your reference and forwarding:

The direct link to my time-stamped (09/12/16) "Criminal Complaints" on the federal judges, magistrates, and other State BAR of Michigan member attorneys:

The direct link to the FRAUDULENT case dismissal:

Both of the above links, as well as all other documents filed with this case, are conveniently located at:

In any event, the proof is in the pudding that the domestic terrorists running the "United States District Court" in Detroit have received my eleven (11) "Criminal Complaints" and that it is a judge's DUTY to investigate these reports (and sign the bottom line of these criminal reports rather than to dismiss the case summarily without the jury that was demanded of an Article III Court of Record).

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David Schied

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