Monday, July 9, 2012

David Schied: Update

For a full update on, courtwatcher, David Schied go to Native and Natural Born Citizenship Explored.   An excerpt from this site follows:

A few weeks ago I wrote a few postings on David Schied who had been summarily sentenced to 30 days for contempt in court by Judge Khalil Kahlil. Since his case appeared interesting, I spent some time researching his plights. And while I can sympathize with what happened to him, I am not convinced that him placing the blame on a wide judicial conspiracy is well supported. However, in fairness to David, I will provide him with a thread in which he can present us with his side of the story. I would like to hear from David what specific complaints he believes are most relevant as he has filed extensive filings. Two cases are of interest to me: the case involving his criminal conviction in Texas, which he failed to disclose on his application, and which the Judges ruled had not been erased by the Governor’s pardon. The other case involves a speeding or dangerous driving ticket in which he was given an administrative hearing with the Police department, involving the officer who had ticketed him.
My name is David Schied and I would like the opportunity to place input and TRUTHFUL content on your blog site to counter your dreadful mistake of using fraudulent Michigan court judgments as your sole source of published information. I have joined WordPress for the purpose of asking you for that opportunity to express on your blog site some insights – and evidence if necessary – to support my position that the information that you have posted is not only very incomplete (thus repainting the picture that only the government criminals want the public to know about me) but is constructed as intentionally fraudulent so as to cover up multi-levels of government crimes.
The information that I found to very incomplete on your site is located at the blog – “Educating the Confused – Criminal Contempt and Judge Karen Khalil” and the references by your contributors to court case “rulings” written by judges that are grossly incomplete and constructed so as to intentionally cover up crimes that have long been committed by all levels of Michigan government for which the evidence was repeatedly submitted but intentionally disregarded by the judges in a “chain conspiracal” fashion…..believe it or not. The evidence is clear and is now also being made public since it has become equally clear that the judicial system is completely broken (as independent research by the Center for Public Integrity has also suggested).
So I ask again for the opportunity to “contribute” to your blog by submission of the truth to counter what the government has placed “into the record” by disseminated to the public, for which the “findings” of the various court “agents” is grossly skewed and fraudulent because of significant OMISSIONS and MISSTATEMENTS.