Monday, August 9, 2010

Ed and Elaine Brown (from an anonymous contributor)

I was going down memory lane and found this video of the first concert at Ed and Elaine Browns. This is Dave Von Kleist doing his song "Show me The Law" As you hear him say it was Joyce's idea to have this concert on the Brown's property to bring attention to their plight against the IRS. Sorry to say, it didn't end so well.

This first concert led to another later that summer,which had many bands that showed up and played until well after dark and then there was a big fireworks display. We had the best hopes that with all the attention on the story, even within the main stream media (even though they spun it) that there would be a happy ending. Ed and Elaine are now serving over 30 years and will never see each other again, as they were both in their 60"s when it all began.

The second concert was sponsored in part by Ted Anderson of GCNLIVE.COM and we had many well known patriots there. We had a lovely appearance by Homeland Security in their shiny expensive Helicopter that flew around the property all day and by 5 pm,they were within 100 ft of the ground taking pictures and trying hard to disrupt the festivities. Ed had to call the local airport to have them call HLS off before he set the fireworks off.

We had a great time and met a lot of good people, ones that are not afraid to stand for their rights. I pray that soon, something will happen to allow Ed and Elaine to be together again. They had 120 acres in New Hampshire with beautiful house that you could only dream of and now it's all gone.

Why? They ask the IRS for over 10 years to show them the law and got no response, so Ed said, we are not going to file until you show us the law. He let them know, he would put the money in escrow and if they showed them the law, he would file and pay. Their answer was, prosecute them and run a rigged trial.

Welcome to Amerika!

When does it all stop?

Just as a comment, I want to thank Ted, The Band Pokerface, Jack Blood and all the wonderful people that showed up to make it a part of history. Maybe someday, we all set down and watch the video of that whole day. But, then again, maybe not!